Age: 18

Country of origin: Peru

Current residence: America

Interests: drawing, reading, listening to music, going concerts, hanging out with friends, visual kei and lolita style, taking pictures of amazing people (I don't know if it should be here but I like doing thatXD )

Hetalia favourite character/s: I have too many!! But I will do my best to list the top-top ones!
chibitalia, Spain, Romano, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Italy, Japan, China, Switzerland, Sweden, HRE, Hong Kong, and moreXD

Other fandoms: I have too many fandoms too!>.< Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, 07 Ghost, Gundam 00, Macross Frontier (or more like any), Natsume Yuujinchou, KHR, Bleach, Air Gear, Amatsuki, Junjo Romantica, Loveless, and many more

URL: http://haro-chan.deviantart.com/ (DA)
       http://haro-chan.livejournal.com/ (livejorunal -R rated-)