Age: 16 (17 on 1st November)


Country of origin: Russia (hooray)


Current residence: Barcelona


Interests: drawing, watching yaoi, drool looking at beautiful things, eating, playing, going to conventions and wherever, Russia (from Hetalia), music, dancing... Hello Kitty (I loooove it... not the one from Hetalia xDD).


Hetalia favourite character/s: EVERYBODY!! JUST EVERYBODY!! BUT specially my IVAN (Russia) >//<  I-I love him... and Spain... yesyesyes... my favourites are those two... but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the others! I LOVE THEM ALL and it’s not a joke!!! =D


Other fandoms: Waaaa... I have a lot... so I’ll tell the most important ones... Saiyuki, Nabari no Ou, Detective Conan (only because of Haibara), Bobobo (the biggest nonsense), Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura, all the yaoi series, Kobato, Elfen Lied and maaany more... my list is endless... xDD

URL:  http://erwayji.deviantart.com