Age:  16


Country of origin:  Valencia, Spain


Current residence:  Meliana (small town near Valencia~)


Interests: Buff...I love manga & anime, specially seinen and shonen ones, I love indie rock music and heavy metal, to go out with my friends, to draw for relaxing and fangirling, strattaciella icecream, rpg videogames (ATLUS ftw), reading, to dessign t-shirts and cute things like badges and make them, my lovely Photoshop, etc, etc, etc.


Hetalia favourite character/s: Tino (Finland) and Berwald (Sweden). But also Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Greece...


Other fandoms:  Shin Megami Tensei games (specially Persona 3 & 4 <3),  Kuroshitsuji, D.Gray-Man, Yotsuba!, Loveless, Phoenix Wright games, Ouran Host Club, Ergo Proxy...